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Education Fund Holy Family


How it works

By adopting of one of the children from Holy Family Care Centre you become one of the structural benefactors of the centre. You will provide the Centre with a fixed contribution for a garanteed period of at least 5 years. This contribution will be assigned to one of the children.  

Your contribution is not meant for this child, but all the children will benefit.

This is the most important thing: your contribution will be of structural and will help all the children living at the centre.

Which contribution is adequate?

Our indicative reference is € 25,- per month.

Referring to the explanation above, this means that any amount (higher as well as lower) will be very welcome!

How do I transfer money to Education Fund Holy Family Care Centre?

Your monthly remittance has to be made to our bank account:

ING account 479 2828

(IBAN NL41INGB 000479 2828;   BIC: INGBNL2A)

Stg Education Fund Holy Family Care Centre Ofcolaco

Doelenstraat 25-18

5081 CJ Hilvarenbeek

What will happen with my contribution?

The foundation will add your contribution to the general fund. In accordance with the directtress of the Centre we will decide how money will be spent.

Will I be able to choose my adoptive child?

Given our means at this time, it is not possible to give you the opportunity to choose a child. Our practice up till now is that you can give us an indication (boy or girl / age category).

Based on the information we have we will make a suitable choice. Recent history shows that children at the centre might leave the centre (because of age, necessity to continue scholing elswhere, or family members can take over again). In this case we will provide an alternative.

Will I hear from my adoptive child?

In many cases very little is known about the children. Even about surname and date of birth we often are in the dark. As we will visit the Centre regularly we will be able to inform you ourselves about your adoptive child's development.

 You can be sure to (at least) receive a photo and a short description about your adoptive child.